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Last chance Saturday to earn $100 in Great Pumpkin Hunt
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This is the fifth and final week of the Bulletin’s Great Pumpkin Hunt.

Clues for a chance to receive $100 can be found in an advertisement in Saturday’s Halloween edition of the Bulletin.

Week No. 1 clues

The answer to the first week’s clues was Perry & Sons pumpkin and melon brokers on Frontage Road north of Manteca.

The clues were as follows:

*This is where pumpkins go for broke — Perry & Sons is the largest broker of pumpkins and melons on the West Coast

*Where pumpkins hit the road — Almost 80 percent of the pumpkins sold in California are grown in the fields around Manteca with the majority shipped from Perry & Sons’ yard.

*This is where you can find art — Art Perry is one of the brothers overseeing Perry & Sons.

*On the road to Delta — Perry & Sons is on the same road as Delta College’s school farm and Manteca classrooms.

Week No. 2 clues

The answer to the second week’s clues was the Studio 150 Salon & Spa on the northeast corner of Maple Avenue and Yosemite Avenue in downtown Manteca.

The clues were as follows:

*This used to be a pumpkin patch — The building used to house the popular boutique store that Marjorie Thomas once owned known as The Pumpkin Patch

*So where’s the syrup? — A reference to Maple Avenue.

*If you look to the west you can see San Francisco — The Manteca Mural Society’s mural “San Francisco” graces a second story of a building to the west.

*North of India — Studio 150 is across the street from the India Merchandise store.

Week No. 3 clues

The answer to the third week’s clues was the former Perry & Son business office and scales on South Grant Street.

The clues were as follows:

*Pumpkins once rolled thru here — Every truck of pumpkins Perry & Son shipped out of Manteca were once weighed on the scales before heading to their destination.

*Can you see the time? — The Manteca Transit clock tower can be seen from the building.

*Ed Asner was a mister — A reference to Grant Avenue given Asner played Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

*Jelly they were not — The old Perry & Sons office and scales is across from a now vacant low where the Manteca Bean Co. once stood.

Week No. 4 clues

The answer to the fourth week of clues was Costco.

The clues were:

*You can find pumpkin pie here — The Costco bakery sells thousands of pumpkin pies during the holiday season.

*There are angels nearby — A reference to the Big Leagues Dreams sports complex you can find across the street where there is a replica Major League Baseball Angels Field.

*A place Captain Kirk would like — The captain of the Star Trek surely would feel right at home buying Kirkland products.

*It’s a gas — Costco typically has the busiest gas pumps in Manteca.