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Lathrop adding workout stations to 3 parks
An example of an outdoor leg press used in municipal parks.

When the City of Lathrop opened Basin Park earlier this year they included something that they don’t normally add to parks – workout equipment. 

And it was such a big hit with residents that the city is now planning on adding the easy-to-install machines in the city’s three largest parks – hoping that residents in the most-used parks in the city will be able to take advantage of the new additions. 

Earlier this month the City of Lathrop approved the creation of a capital improvement project that will duplicate the workout equipment at Basin Park inside of Valverde, Mossdale and Sangalang Parks – authorizing the expenditure of just under $200,000 from the general fund to complete the project. 

The equipment for each of the three parks – which includes a leg press machine, an upper body station, an accessible chest press, a lat pull and vertical press, a lower body station, a cross country ski machine and a static combo – will be purchased for $40,000 per site, and the city believes it will cost roughly $20,000 per site for the installation. With a 10 percent contingency included with the project, the $198,000 upgrade would add an additional option for the city’s already popular parks. 

If Lathrop’s Measure C Oversight Committee signs off on the idea, the upgrades will be reimbursed from the one-cent sales tax that votes approved to help provide essential city services – a funding mechanism that has already led to the city installing rubberized play surfaces at the parks will receive the workout equipment, and a host of other capital improvement projects that wouldn’t otherwise be fiscally possible. 

The fact that the equipment doesn’t require ongoing costs or maintenance, according to the staff report, makes the purchase and installation eligible for one-time funds from Measure C. 

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