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Lathrop cops serve up lattes at Starbucks
While community-building events at the country’s most popular coffee chain are nothing new, the event gave officers the chance to really get to know not just the public, but also the people who make their favorite drinks.

If the whole law enforcement thing doesn’t work out, at least a handful of Lathrop Police Services deputies found out on Wednesday that they will always have another career as a barista to fall back on. 

With newly-appointed Lathrop Police Chief Ryan Biedermann taking the helm, almost a dozen Lathrop Police Officers were on hand Wednesday at Starbucks on Golden Valley Parkway for the nationwide “Coffee With A Cop” event — taking over the duties of serving customers in both the drive-thru and at the counter as a way of forging relationships with the community. 

The event, Biedermann said, went better than he could have ever anticipated. 

“Oh man it was such a great time — it was a wonderful event meeting with the public but more so getting to know the barista’s at Starbucks,” said Biedermann, who was just recently named as the city’s newest police chief. “We were able to work together, give them a break, and really work as a team and have some fun along the way. 

“The public had a blast being surprised by deputies at the drive thru and it was a win all the way around. Some deputies were even offered jobs they performed so well.”

Neighboring cities like Manteca and Stockton both also held events in their communities to help build the relationship between the public and the law enforcement officers sworn to protect them – a critical element of the community-oriented policing model that agencies like Lathrop has chosen to employ. 

“It was great public interactions, and we made some lasting friends and learned how to make some of our favorite drinks at the same time,” Biedermann said. “It was absolutely a win-win.”

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