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Lathrop hires firm for traffic signal & street light upkeep
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Traffic signals and streetlights are a pivotal part of any developed community.

Maintaining them – which requires specialized equipment that can be tremendously costly for smaller cities – is something else entirely and is now something that the City of Lathrop is tapping others to handle for the next two years.

Last month the Lathrop City Council approved a two-year contract with St. Francis Electric LLC to provide routine maintenance for the city’s streetlights, traffic signals, and lighting on city-owned buildings at a cost of $62,420 each year for regularly scheduled work.

The contract also provides fixed pricing for materials that may be needed on certain fixtures and sets hourly rates for labor and equipment for unscheduled emergency work – such as when one of the poles gets taken out in an accident.

And in a growing community such as Lathrop, streetlights and traffic signals are something that keep popping up in new housing tracts and around town as the city transforms into mid-sized California community.

Between when the company submitted its initial annual bid to the city to provide the contract services and when the contract was actually executed Lathrop added 33 new street lights and a traffic signal that weren’t initially factored into the bid – something that was amended before it brought before the Lathrop City Council for its consideration.

By contracting out the work to an independent company, the city, according to the staff report, saves on the costs associated with acquiring the specialty equipment necessary to do the work and hiring specially-trained personnel that are capable of doing the work while at the same time ensuring public safety by keeping integral safety components operating efficiently.

The city’s previous signal and lighting maintenance services contract is set to expire at the end of the month, at which time St. Francis Electric will be responsible for keeping Lathrop’s essential city lights operational.

For additional information, or to obtain a copy of the contract approved by the council, visit the City of Lathrop’s website at

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