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Lathrop Manteca filling deputy fire marshal job
LM Fire

Anyone looking for a career in the fire service has until the close of business today to file their application with Lathrop Manteca Fire District for the role of deputy fire marshal.

The agency, which provides fire protection and emergency services to the urban areas of Lathrop including River Islands and nearly all of the rural areas surrounding Manteca, is looking for a qualified person for the non-safety position that is also categorized as non-exempt – meaning that in addition to a salary ranging from $71,030.60 to $86,382.40 with a benefit package the position is also eligible for overtime. 

And as Lathrop finally experiences the growth that planners were anticipating a decade ago, the district that provides fire and emergency coverage is needing to grow with it. 

Earlier this year the district formally opened its newest fire station and administrative headquarters building – on Somerston Parkway in River Islands – and transferred all of its administrative positions to the new station, uniting them under one roof for the first time in years. With more than 11,000 homes scheduled to be built in River Islands, the station will be but one of multiple stations that will serve the massive, master planned community which will also include retail and commercial space to cater to the homeowners in the area. 

Both of Lathrop’s most recent fire stations – the one in River Islands and the one in Mossdale – are capable of housing two separate companies and plans are in the works to run both an engine and a truck in the near future. 

A recently increased fire facility fee will ensure that the district is capable of continuing to meet the needs of the growing community. The sudden growth explosion, and the passing of a one cent sales tax increase of which 40 percent goes to the district has allowed Lathrop Manteca to provide amenities that wouldn’t have otherwise been possible. Less than a decade ago the agency went to voters and asked for a parcel tax increase to fund personnel, and when that was denied, was forced to lay off a number of firefighters and brown out rural stations until permanent funding could be secured. A federal grant reinstated those positions, and with the sales tax increase, the district has been able to maintain staffing levels and add additional personnel, apparatus, and equipment as necessary. 

For additional information about the open position, contact the Lathrop Manteca Fire District at 209.941.5100, or visit them online at