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Lathrop narrows police chief list down to three
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The current logo has been used by the city since the early 1990s. - photo by HIME ROMERO/The Bulletin

Lathrop’s Police Chief – who will head up the city’s first standalone police department – could be announced as early as one month after City Manager Steve Salvatore decides which of the three candidates in the pool are the best fit.

During a brief update made to the Lathrop City Council Monday night, Salvatore said that the five candidates were put through three interview panels – a community panel, a panel of department heads, and a panel of local law enforcement experts – which allowed the city to cull the list down to only three.

Those three applicants then spent extensive time interviewing with Salvatore while the city’s consultant began the background check portion of the process – starting with a reference check on all three candidates.

Salvatore said that he is expected to make the decision about which candidate is best soon and will make the announcement after the background check is completed on that individual.

Once the chief is in place Lathrop plans to begin recruiting for the command staff positions, the sergeants, and the officers needed to round out the complete department.

The city’s goal of transitioning to the Lathrop Police Department on July 1, 2022, is still the target, and the city has put out terms to a number of local law enforcement agencies to see about contracting for dispatch services as well as property and evidence storage.

The City of Lathrop has also ordered the 11 police vehicles that they will use to expand the city’s existing fleet. Those vehicles are set to arrive in January and then be sent out to be outfitted with the equipment necessary for law enforcement use.

While the City of Lathrop did not count the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s deputies that serve as Lathrop Police Services officers as employees, the vehicles that they use with Lathrop’s name were purchased by the City of Lathrop and will be rebranded for use with the city’s own standalone department.

Next week, Salvatore said, the city is expected accept the certificate of completion for the city’s police department in River Islands – the first ever purpose-built law enforcement building in Lathrop’s history – early next week. At that point the city will begin the work of adding additional technology to the building to get it ready to be occupied by the city’s new police force as it expands out.

Located just across the Bradshaw’s Crossing Bridge, the facility will be geographically located in the center of Lathrop once River Islands is built out.

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