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Local youth has gig at Strings Friday
strings music

If you see Everett Patrick at St. Anthony’s School on Friday and he’s walking a little bit taller, that because he has something to look forward to this weekend.

His first paid musical gig.

Everett, 10, will be playing the piano and providing music at the start of the Deaf Puppy’s monthly comedy showcase at Strings Bar and Grill on N. Main Street on Friday night – the first time that the aspiring musician has played in front of a crowd for anything other than recognition of his talents.

“The first time I ever touched a piano I knew that it was going to be my passion,” Patrick said. “Music makes people happy and I like bringing joy to people through music.”

It isn’t the first time that Chris Teicheira or the Deaf Puppies have showcased music at their shows – a move that Teicheira says provides a level of variety to the evening for people that are looking to come out and have a good time – and the fact that Teicheira has known his musical performer for the last decade adds a special element to the local show.

It’s one thing, he said, to give a comic an opportunity to prove themselves, but it’s another entirely when it’s a young person that can wow the crowd with their musical skills.

“The Deaf Puppies love to encourage all forms of entertainment, and music mixes wonderfully to open a comedy show – having it be a local young man just adds to it,” Teicheira said. “I’ve known Everett since he was a baby, so being able to offer this opportunity feels great.

“Most comics wish they were musicians, and vise-versa, and this is a cool moment that he’ll always remember – his first paid gig.”

Growing up in a musical family has helped Everett hone his craft as he practices a variety of musical styles from classical to the piano-driven melodies of greats like Elton John.

He first started playing on an old keyboard at his cousin’s house and quickly fell in love and figured out an early age that it doesn’t really matter what instrument it is that you’re playing – it’s the person touching the keys that makes the difference.

“I learned that you didn’t have to have the nicest thing to be good at it – I started on a toy piano,” he said. “The moral is that you don’t always have to have the best things to be good.

“My dad learned to play music on a toy guitar and now he’s an amazing guitar player – hearing him play is really inspiring to me because it makes me want to play better.”

While the future is bright for Everett, who up until now has only performed at church functions and talent shows, Teicheira hopes that he’ll remember who gave him his first paying musical gig years later when he’s packing theaters.

He would always be welcome back, Teicheira said, to a Manteca stage.

“Who knows – maybe 20 years from now Everett and his talents will be making their yearly return to grace a Manteca stage,” Teicheira said. “We’re just wanting to make sure he has the best experience on Friday – when he was only five, he realized I was Santa Claus at an MRPS function and didn’t say a word to the other kids.

“I may don the suit at the show for a duet, but that’s up to him and his talent.”

Tickets for the show at Strings Bar and Grill, which will take place on Friday, March 13, can be purchased in advance at the restaurant – located at 680 N. Main Street – or on the day of the show until the room fills up. The evening is scheduled to begin at 8:30 p.m.

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