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Logo contest voters use contest to ‘dis’ Family City slogan
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Manteca’s current municipal logo — actually adopted when such designs were referred to as city seals — apparently gets no respect.

While it finished a strong second with 503 votes just 26 votes behind the top preferred design of four new options the council directed staff to post on the city website to allow residents to vote for the one they preferred, a staff report suggests the votes may not have been for the design as it was to use the opportunity to provide commentary.

“While the current logo was a close second, it should be noted that comments submitted preferring the current logo appear to be in the context of preferring the city focus on fixing roads, adding traffic signals, addressing homelessness, or dissing on the Family City tag line, rather than actually preferring the current logo design,” noted Management Analyst Johanna Ferriera in a report to the council.

The City Council when they meet Tuesday at 7 p.m. at the Civic Center, 1001 W. Center Street, will consider the fate of the municipal logo.

The council could opt to go with one of the four new designs, keep the current logo, or direct staff to go back to the drawing board. The logo design that is selected will grace more than three dozen wayfinding signs that will be placed around Manteca at key intersections. It also could be used on proposed welcome signs at various city entrances.

If the council goes with a new design, the logo used on everything from city stationary and employee clothing to the side of municipal vehicles will be changed as supplies are depleted and equipment replaced.

The four proposed logo replacements are based on designs submitted by winning entries among 60 submissions in a city sponsored contest.

The current logo is in the traditional circle of a city seal using vibrant red and blue against a white background. It encompasses the city motto “The Family City” as well as the date of incorporation of May 28, 1918 along with the wording “City of Manteca, California.” The center of the seal includes the name “Manteca” again along with two objects — a house with a tree behind it and what appears to be a larger house next to it.

If you look closer at the larger “house” you will notice two windows shaped as if they were stained glass windows on a church. That’s because the original seal had a church. The church was neutered about 20 years ago when the — without public fanfare — removed a steeple with a cross presumably to avoid the city being accused of promoting religion.

The four logo designs are devoid of any symbols besides stars. They also use much more muted red and whites and add dashes of gray.

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