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Luncheon was finale for Sister Ann
sister ann
Deacon Jeff Vierra and Sister Ann Venita Britto along with Philly and Lolita Rilcopiro share a moment together at Thursday’s Senior Luncheon held at the St. Anthony’s gym.

It was about 16 years ago that Sr. Ann Venita Britto and her Ministry of Caring started the free luncheon at St. Anthony’s for all seniors regardless of their religious affiliations.

The luncheon lives on thanks to Deacon Jeff Vierra and Diane Lehman, who have taken over the event held at the St. Anthony’s gymnasium.

Thursday was special thanks to special guest Sr. Ann, who made her final appearance.

She announced that she’ll be leaving for her re-assignment to London on Monday, June 24.

Deacon Jeff gave Sr. Ann a special blessing as she parts way. Those attending function were free to join in.

“Here I am trying to leave — this is my final goodbye,” she said.

The luncheon event consisted of those coming in from the Manteca Retirement Community, St. Jude’s Care Center, Prestige and Valley CAPS, to name a few.

In additiion, students who recently attended nearby St. Anthony’s School — former seventh and eighth graders — offered their assistance as servers, coming in on their summer break.