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Manteca changing development requirements to reduce runoff
storm swail
A French Drain incorporated into the landscaping along the edge of the Manteca Veterinary Clinic reduces water runoff into the city’s storm system and in turn reduces flooding.

The City of Manteca — due to changing federal regulation regarding the quality of storm water runoff as well as system capacity — has been implementing requirements for developments that often require additional improvements besides connecting to the storm water drain system.

When Manteca Veterinary Clinic at Moffat Boulevard and Powers Avenue built a new building the landscaping required a French Drain employing rocks to take rain water from runoff from the parking lot so that it would seep into the ground instead of being directed into the city’s storm system.

The new Chick-fil-A at East Yosemite and Northwoods Avenue included the placement of large culvert pipes beneath the parking lot to hold storm run-off so it could be released slowly into the city system when it is not being overwhelmed by runoff. A similar but larger culvert pipe system was installed 20 years ago by Raymus Development to address drainage from the bowling alley as well as land where Doctors Hospital of Manteca is building a new medical office complex and the area where Raising Cain’s Chicken Fingers Restaurant is proposed.

Other non-traditional methods of managing storm runoff included leaving spaces in curbing in the city parking lot constructed on the southeast corner of Woodward Park. That allows rain water to flow into small grass areas where it then eventually seeps into the ground.

Those are a few of the examples of how the city is working to minimize the increase of flooding threats created when more impervious surfaces are created with the development of more roof tops, parking lot, and streets. Such development eliminates pervious areas where at least part of rainfall would seep into the ground.


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