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Manteca City Council members will each appoint planning member
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Each Manteca City Council member will appoint a member of the Planning Commission.

It is a departure from the current practice where the mayor nominates members who are appointed only if the council majority agrees with the recommendations.

The decision made Tuesday by the City Council follows a decision last year for the council to switch to district elections for council members instead of them being elected at-large citywide.

The preference will be for Planning Commission members to be appointed that live in the same district as the council member appointing them. If there aren’t qualified applicants, the council member will have the option of selecting a planning commission member that resides in areas of the city outside of their district.

The mayor will appoint the firth commission member with no restriction on what part of the city they reside in.

Mayor Ben Cantu will fill the current vacancy on the commission. And when Jeff Zellner resigns within the next few months, Councilman Charlie Halford will appoint his replacement. Cantu will also appoint an alternate that will serve through Dec. 31, 2022.

After that commission terms expire the council member elected to each district will appoint a commission member. The mayor will select the fifth commission member as well as the alternate.


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