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Ground breaking for 2-story classroom buildings targeted for this July thanks to Measure A bond
learning stairs
The East Union High 2-story classroom building breaking ground this July will include learning stairs similar to the one shown. Learnings stairs will also be part future of a 2-stiry complex at Manteca High

The first — and arguably the highest profile — Manteca Unified modernization projects being funded with the $260 million Measure A bond approved by voters in November 2020 — will break ground this July.

That’s when a:

*2-story building with 30 classrooms and a media center will start construction on the grassy area along Union Road at East Union High between the student and faculty parking lots.

*2-story building with 22 classrooms will get underway along Mikesell Avenue on recently acquired parcels that have been incorporated into the Manteca High campus.

Both endeavors are expected to take 16 months to complete once physical work starts. There are currently being reviewed by the Department of the State Architect.

The 2-story structure at East Union High is replacing 29 aging portable classrooms that have been in use for close to four decades at the 56-year-old campus.

Some classrooms at Manteca High are closing in on 60 years of use. The campus is 102 years old.

The multi-story structures address issues with classrooms in need of modernization.

Given the $260 million bond won’t even cross off 50 percent of the identified modernization work needed districtwide, Manteca school leaders have methodically examined all existing classrooms with issues.

On those such as the original wings at East Union High where the basic structure was sound, they opted to gut them and create new classroom spaces given it was more cost effective.

The same was done with portable classrooms that penciled out as being more cost effective to modernize instead of replace with brick and mortar structures.


In instances where it was more cost effective to build new, they opted to replace classroom space.

Older classrooms, besides having aging issues just like other structures ranging from homes to business have, were not designed for the heavy use of electronic devices requiring extensive access to electricity. And in many cases they were not designed to have air conditioning that was added over the years.

The first phase work at East Union High will include site improvements to the student parking lot and possibly a new weight room.

The initial phase of the master plan implementation at Manteca High will also include a woodshop along Mikesell Avenue.

A second 2-story building is planned in a later phase on the Manteca High campus along Sherman Avenue. It will have the same basic layout as the one breaking ground this summer at East Union High including a media center. Both will have learning stairs.

The strategy of using the same basic layouts saves upfront costs in the design work.

While none of the work is designed per se to accommodate more classroom space for growth, the implementation master plan as adopted creates more space for additional classrooms.

Both campuses will ultimately handle educational programs designed for 2,200 students.

 Each campus, however, is below the state recommended acreage for campuses accommodating 2,200 students. Going up addresses the space problem.

At Manteca the district needed to acquire land because even with 2-story classroom buildings they do not have space to operate optimum programs including support activities and such for a campus of 2,200 students.


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