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Manteca homeless ranks may be at 200
Homeless Fri DSC_4960 web.jpg

Manteca’s homeless population may be growing at a faster clip than the city’s overall population. 

The preliminary numbers for the point-in-time count on Jan. 24 that’s conducted every two years came up with 200.

City Manager Tim Ogden cautioned that the number is not solid as organizers are still in the process of cross checking to make sure homeless individuals weren’t counted more than once. But even if 44 are weeded out for being duplicates the count would be double of the 78 unsheltered homeless noted in the 2017 count.

Keep in mind that the 2017 count — as well as this year’s count — likely missed some homeless although the city’s effort working with the homeless during the past two years probably meant a better turnout.

The first point-in-time count in 2011 came up with 23 homeless. That number rose to 56 in 2015.

Ogden has given Inner City Action a one week extension on their permit to operate a homeless revival tent in the parking lot of the old Qualex photo processing plant at 555 Industrial Park Drive. The final date will be Feb. 16.

Close to 300 unsheltered homeless (not necessarily all from Manteca) have been participating. Inner City Action is working to get the homeless into diversion programs and off the street. They have even reunited some homeless with their families with one as far away as Kentucky.

The cold has helped drive the homeless to the heated tent giving the faith-based organization more time to build relationships critical for getting individuals on the road to a life off the streets. To that end, organizers are hoping that Good Samaritans will step forward and drop gas gift cards off at the revival site. It costs $120 for gas to run generators to heat the tent 24/7.

Two council members — David Breitenbucher and Gary Singh — have visited the homeless revival tent set up and shared with their colleagues that they are impressed with the operation.

Inner City Action has provided bins for the homeless to store their belongings as well as an area for their dogs.

It’s a Valentine’s

Day date for

council members

Council members have been invited to a city “sponsored event” on Valentine’s Day that it’s doubtful they’d take their sweethearts to enjoy.

For six hours on Feb. 14 starting at 8 a.m. several tons of recycling and garbage from solid waste collection trucks will be methodically separated to determine how well Manteca is doing when it comes to recycling.

The trash inventory will take place at the Lovelace Transfer Station — an appropriately named place for the Valentine’s Day event.

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