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Manteca leader Nancy Teicheria passes away
Nancy Teicheria
Nancy Teicheria

Nancy Teichiera — who operated a dairy with her husband Frank while serving for 20 years on the Manteca Unified School District board — passed away Friday.

Teichiera was also co-founder of the Manteca Area Ag Boosters and was a staunch supporter of the school farm as well as various Manteca Unified educational endeavors.

Teichiera represented Area 4 that consists of the rural south Manteca area that stretches to the Stanislaus River as well as well as city neighborhoods that are south of Yosemite Avenue and east of Airport Way and west of Main Street until she stepped down in 2018.

She had been battling cancer for more than 12 years.

Teichiera and her husband Frank have four children — Frankie, Steven, and Ryan as well as Daniel who was killed in an automobile accident when he was 16.

“It’s all about making decisions based on what is in the best interest of the children,” Teicheira said  in an interview nearly two years after retiring from the school board. “And there was nothing more rewarding than handing out the diplomas at graduation and seeing their smiles after all of the years they worked hard for them. 

“But there were challenging elements as well, like when no matter what you decide, you’re always 50 percent right, and 50 percent wrong – no matter what you do, half of the people aren’t going to agree with you, so you just have to make what you think is the best decision for the kids.”