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Manteca looks at possibly closing parks
3rd death from coronavirus in San Joaquiin County
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Manteca is assessing whether to close city parks due to growing issues with people not keeping adequate social distancing demanded by the threat of the coronavirus.

“We are trying to find a way forward where we can have people use our parks but still maintain social distancing,” said Lantz Rey, who is serving as the public information officer for the Manteca emergency operations center.

Manteca’s assessment of access to city parks came as the third San Joaquin County death from the coronavirus was reported. Reported cases in the county rose by 11 to 71 in a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Wednesday. There has been one confirmed death of a Manteca resident.

Deaths in California climbed to 67 while nationally a record high of single day deaths of 223 were reported to bring the United States death toll to 1,041. There were just 326 deaths as of Sunday.

The United States now has 69,018 reported cases. That includes 3,166 cases in California with 1,176 in the Bay Area.

Stockton Wednesday closed all 66 of its parks including golf courses until further notice. People are being allowed to pass through parks while walking, running, or bicycling. They must, however, maintain distancing of six feet when they are near people that are not from their household.

The closure also means all restrooms are locked.

Stockton closed the parks after large groups continued to gather in violation of state directives designed to deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

San Joaquin County on Monday closed all of its parks — including Mossdale Crossing and Dos Reis — until at least April 30.

Neither the county or Stockton has had to go as far as New York City. The recreation department in that city has removed all basketball hoops from playgrounds to discourage people from gathering and being within six feet of each other.

Rey noted the county is now working closer with the cities to assure a more uniform approach.

How that could work, as an example, if a decision is made to close city parks in either Manteca or Lathrop the closures could extend to both cities based on the proximity of the communities that have a lot of interaction.

Manteca Police Department is advising people about scams related to COVID-19.  

COVID-19 scams can come in the form of robocalls, emails or online sellers offering cures, tests or vaccinations. The people behind these offers may claim to be with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and may claim to have special information or products available. There have even been reports in some communities of people going door to door, posing as CDC or public health officials.

Police emphasized that the CDC has made it clear that there currently are no vaccines, pills, potions, lotions, lozenges or over-the-counter products available to treat or cure COVID-19.

If you receive a robocall, hang up. Don’t press any numbers or answer any questions. Beware of text messages and emails offering cures, information or financial assistance related to COVID-19. Carefully research requests for donations. Don’t send cash, gift cards, or wire money.

You can report online and email scams to the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-382-4357 or visit the FTC website at for more details on scams related to COVID-19.

City maintaining center

to answer questions


The City of Manteca emergency command center is operating daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. to try and answer what questions they can from citizens emailing or calling in as well as to monitor the ongoing situation.

The phone number for questions related to the coronavirus emergency is 456-8854 while the email is

The City of Manteca is also maintaining a coronavirus update site on its website at

It is on top of the home page. Click on the banner and it sends you to resources dealing with the pandemic from the Centers for Disease Control to state and county agencies. There is also information regarding what businesses can remain open as well as possible help with virus related financial issues.


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