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Police hope to strengthen bonds with city residents

Manteca residents bonding with police officers to build a stronger partnership to fight crime is Manteca Police Chief Jodie Estarziau’s goal during Tuesday night’s 31st National Night Out that features block parties throughout the community.

“It’s all about relationships,” the chief said, “And I hope we can talk about what is going on in their neighborhoods.” 

She noted much more can be accomplished when the public steps up to partner with the police department in the fight against crime whether it is stolen cars, home burglaries, or even quality of life issues.

The community events — held nationally — are not just meant to bring residents and law enforcement together. In communities such as Manteca where a large percentage of the population commutes and has less interaction with neighbors, the event is designed to get people to know each other better. In doing so they often become more aware of a neighbor’s routine meaning they can alert police when something looks amiss.

In addition to the sworn officers there will be some 10 to 15 uniformed high school Explorer cadets meeting with Manteca residents gathered in front yards to share food, chat and engage in various fun activities or t larger gatherings such as in the Del Webb at Woodbridge community park. 

Special unit personnel visiting neighborhood parties include those from the Streets Crime Unit, Traffic, Patrol, Community Service Officers, SWAT, bike units, chaplains and members of the command staff including the chief. 

Officer Mike Kelly is expected to be available with his drug dog Bella – always a welcome treat along with several of the patrol canines and the tactical SWAT truck.

Manteca firefighters, Manteca District Ambulance personnel, parks and recreation staff, and city officials will also be visiting block parties.

Volunteers with the Manteca Police Department’s Seniors Helping Area Residents and Police (SHARP) as well as the Manteca Fire Department’s Seniors Aiding Fire Effort (SAFE) will also participate.

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