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In 7-month comparison, larceny incidents plummet from 463 to 243 in Manteca; violent crimes rise 70%
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In 7-month comparison, larceny incidents plummet from 463 to 243 in Manteca; violent crimes rise 70%

The good news is Manteca’s first-in-the-state organized retail crime theft unit in the Manteca Police Department is paying off.

Larceny — as defined by pilfering and stealing — is down almost 48 percent going from 463 instances in January through July 2022 to 243 cases for the same seven months of this year.

That represents a plunge of just under 48 percent.

 Meanwhile violent crimes are skyrocketing, showing  a stunning 70 percent plus surge.

That is based on a snapshot of crime statistics compiled by the Manteca Police Department comparing January through July of this year with the same seven months in 2022.

Overall violent crime — homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assault — has gone from 67 instances to 117 during the seven month comparison period.

Historically the actual number of violent crime per capita  over the years is lower.

Property crimes have gone from 709 in the first seven months of 202 to 483 for the same period this year.

That is a remarkable 47 percent drop that basically mirrors the singular drop in larceny.

 The bulk of the uptick of 50 more cases of violent crime are aggregated assault with 32 more instances going from 37 to 69.

Homicides went from 1 to 3, rape 10 to 18, and armed robbery 19 to 27.

Most violent crimes tend to be committed by people the victim knows.

The opposite is true of property crimes.

Arson — in addition to larceny — also went down going from 15 to 4.

Burglary had only one additional incident going from 145 to 146 while vehicle theft was up slightly going from  86 to 90.

To give you an idea of historical trends, residential burglaries peaked at 323 in 2008 while vehicle thefts that reached a crescendo of 798 in 2006.

With five months to go in 2023, Manteca will fall way short of those peak years in both categories.

The most homicides Manteca has had a single year is five.

In the seven month comparison:

*Narcotic offenses rose from 43 to 59.

*Alcohol offenses dropped from 105 to 85.

*Domestic violence incidents dropped from 131 to 87.

*Fraud cases dropped from 153 to 53.

*Reports taken dropped from 2,194 to  1,868.

*Total calls handled dropped from 15,633 to 14,587.


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