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Manteca Unified 8th graders advance to high school
lincoln 2024
Teresita Medina Lopez and friends celebrated their eighth-grade promotion event.

Eighth graders at the various Manteca Unified school sites last week celebrated their promotion to high school.

Each of these events displayed plenty of the Pomp and Circumstance as students bid adieu to their place of comforts during the past several years.

They were joined at their special ceremony by family, friends, and, in some cases, the younger students of the school.

Here’s a few more of the promotion events:

Lincoln School

The May 23 eighth-grade celebration at Lincoln Elementary School listed 61 students who were in line to receive their promotion certificates.

Andy Sifuentes and Sandy Muniz were among the most decorated students from the Class of 2024.

Both were recipients of both the Manteca Unified Outstanding Character and Outstanding Student awards.

Sifuentes made the Silver Honor Roll and the Music Award while Muniz was among those who received the Distinguished Scholar Award – the others were Audrey Sandoval, Morgan Tienda, and Cristian Herrera Meija – and the Ela Award.

Other award winners were Kimberly Hernandez (Music), Tienda (Math), and Meija (Science).

Principal Randi Fowzer had the honor of presenting her eighth graders for their certificates of promotion, with MUSD board President Marie Freitas doing the acceptance.

Golden West School

Sixty-four students were listed at the May 23 eighth grade promotion celebration.

The special event held in the Golden West gym consisted of Carlos Moscoso leading in the Pledge of Allegiance, Principal Tony Shah welcoming those in attendance, Natalia Jimenez Jauregui speaking on “Looking in the Past,” and Shah and Vice Principal Lori Isola announced the Honor Roll Presentations.

Eighth-graders’ Ariana Lupercio (“Moving Forward”) and Victoria Hueso (‘A New Path”) were also part of the program.

In addition, Shah had the honors of presenting the Class of 2024 for their promotion certificates while MUSD board President Marie Freitas accepted the group on behalf of the district.

Joshua Cowell School

Joshua Cowell School’s Class of 2024 consisted of 68 students who were scheduled to receive their promotion certificates.

The special celebration held on May 24 featured Jon Apsay, Lana Bondoc, Prince Dharmshot, Haleema Jalali, and Necia Williams on the 4.0 GPA – for the entire year – Honor Roll.

Ariceli McBroo, Mandy Martinez, Sharanjeet Kaur, and Bondoc shared in the welcoming speech, with Ryan Gomes and Makayla Cachu leading in the Pledge of Allegiance and National Anthem, respectively.

The others student speakers included Mia Ochoa, Angelina Cerrillos, Haleema Jalali, and Bondoc.

Recipients of the Character Awards were Angel Hernandez Ceja and Williams.

Achievement awards went out to Apsay, Bondoc, Dharmshot, Jalali, and Williams.

In addition, Vice Principal Dennis Filippini and VP Christine Watson handled the announcement for Special Awards.