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Measure A bond work advancing
MHS work
This late October 2020 photo shows initial work on eight classrooms (lower part of photo) across from Winter Gym (on the right), the foundation for the new gym in the upper right-hand corner, and initial work on the new swimming pool near the top of the photo and next to the two gyms.

The first wave of the $260 million Measure A bond projects modernizing aging Manteca Unified school campuses are moving forward.

Voters approved the bond in November 2020.

 It is designed to address roughly half of the nearly $600 million in modernization, wear and tear replacement, and program deficiencies that were identified in 2020 districtwide at more than 30 campuses.

The school board when they meet tonight at 6 p.m. will consider approving:

*The award of preconstruction and lease/leaseback services to move the master plan projects for the New Haven, Brock Elliott, and Joshua Cowell elementary campuses forward.

*Do the same with C.T. Brayton & Sons for upgrades at Manteca High and East Union High.

The district initially plans to sell roughly $65 million of the authorized bonds to do the work.

The highest profile projects will be two-story classrooms that will be built at East Union and Manteca high schools.

A two-story building with 30 classrooms and a media center is being built at East Union High on the grassy area along Union Road between the student and faculty parking lots.

It will replace 29 aging portable classrooms that have been in use for close to four decades at the 56-year-old campus.

The first two-story classroom at the Manteca High campus will have 22 classrooms.

It will be built near the 10 classrooms funded with Measure G bond proceeds that were completed last September adjacent to where the new bus drop-off zone was constructed on Mikesell Avenue where it turns into Garfield Avenue near the Winter Gym.

It will be built prior to work on a second two-story building with 32 classrooms and a new media center that will back up against Sherman Avenue.

Once the first huddling is completed, it will allow the demolition of older classrooms needed to make way for the Sherman Avenue structure.

Some classrooms at Manteca High are closing in on 60 years of use. The campus is 102 years old.

The Sherman Avenue classroom building will be similar to the two-story structure classroom and media center being built on the East Union High campus along Union Road.

By using a similar design at both campuses, it allowed the district to reduce construction costs.

The district tentative expects to break ground on the initial pair of two-story classrooms this summer. They will take 16 months to complete.

The district — due to its overall fiscal management — enjoys “AA” bond ratings. What that translates into is the ability for the district to secure one of the lowest interest rates possible when they go to sell bonds.

Manteca Unified Chief Financial Officer Victorian Brunn  notes the district’s bond sales will be conducted in manner to maximize tax dollars as well as to adhere to state laws that requires bond sale receipts are spent within a certain timeframe.

The school board meets at 6 p.m. tonight at the district office, 2271 W. Louise Ave.


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