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Message from Manteca’s Acting Police Chief Aguilar
Acting Police Chief Mike Aguilar

Good afternoon Manteca residents. My name is Mike Aguilar and I am the Acting Chief of Police for the Manteca Police Department.

I am coming to you today with a solemn heart in response to the civil unrest that has been occurring throughout our country over the past several days following the death of George Floyd. Like you, all of us here at the Manteca Police Department are appalled by the death of Mr. Floyd and are struggling with what took place in Minneapolis. We understand the hurt being felt due to the actions of those officers. We know that for some, it is another example of injustice, and for others, it tarnishes the entire law enforcement profession. In Manteca, we work hard to always conduct ourselves in a professional and respectful manner that reflects the values of our community and the core values of our department.

The Manteca Police Department is fully aware of the community’s desire to assemble and drive together, and as a Department we recognize our role to help the community exercise its right to peaceably assemble and have their voices heard. However, we also draw a strong line between peaceful assembly and the illegal or destructive behavior that damages property and places everyone’s safety at risk.

Manteca is a growing community that prides itself on knowing one another and caring about each other - no matter their background, color of their skin or circumstance. We will carry those same values to any peaceful assemblies that may take place, and our community asks and expects that everyone participating join us in those shared values. We also ask for cooperation to ensure that no one with intent to do harm or violate the law is successful in those efforts. There will be no better way to advance a community dialogue and bring people together than to have peaceful, thoughtful and positive assemblies. So while making a statement for change, let us remember to respect our local businesses’ livelihood and our neighbors' property. Our goal is to keep everyone safe.

The Manteca Police Department is here to protect and serve everyone. We are with you. We share your values. We are all humans and our unity does matter. Partner with us to make sure your voice is heard while keeping our community safe. Thank you.