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MHS Class of 1972 ring reunited with its rightful owner
ring back

Liberty Woods could hardly sleep the night before the class ring she excavated from her front yard was to be reunited with its original owner.

Nor could Karen West, for that matter.

She attended Manteca High back in the early 1970s and once lived in the duplex currently occupied by Liberty and her husband Allen Woods.

Thanks to a Facebook post by her mother in law, Woods and her family were thrilled on Saturday to return the MHS Class of 1972 ring to the rightful owner, West, who lives in Ripon.

“She was ecstatic,” Liberty Woods said, describing West’s reaction on being reunited with her old class ring. “She could hardly speak.”

For years, Karen West thought she lost her class ring at the bowling alley.

However, it was discovered about week ago by Woods, who was working in her front yard clearing out crab grass near the walkway.

She came across an unusual object that she thought might be an old nut or bolt.

Instead, it was an MHS class ring with hard-to-read inscriptions due to being exposed to the elements coupled with father time.

West is planning to take her old class ring to a jeweler for deep cleaning, Woods said.

She and her husband have lived at the place located just off Union Road since last October.

All those involved were happy with the outcome of the lost ring.

“Finally, we have something good that came out of 2020,” Liberty Woods said.