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Finder trying to return it to owner
class ring
The 1972 Manteca High class ring Liberty Woods found buried in her front yard.

Liberty Woods was working in her front yard when she came across an unusual object.

“At first, I thought it might be an old nut or bolt,” she said on Thursday.

It turned out to be a Manteca High class ring from 1972.

Not too long ago, Woods moved from Ceres to Manteca.

The former Liberty Ruskamp is a product of the first graduating class (2009) at Central Valley High. She wedded Allen Woods, a 2008 graduate of MHS, in October 2019.

For the past year, they’ve called the house just off Union Road, not too far from the Bass Pro Shops, their home.

It was there that Liberty came across the class ring buried in the front yard near the walkway while clearing out the crab grass.

“(The ring) had the inscription of the initials and graduating year. But both were hard to read,” she said.

Woods along with mother in law did some searching. They knew the ring was that of a woman who attended MHS possibly in 1972.

They looked at the class year book for possibly match and even did a property search of the home from back then.

The Woods family did reach out to woman now living out of town, finding a possible match thanks to an online posting.

“We’re waiting to see if this ring belongs to her,” Liberty Woods said.

Stay tuned.