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Neighbors irked about plans for truck facility

It appeared be a relatively straightforward planning commission item meant to bring an existing non-confirming business into compliance. 

But while the proposal for a commercial truck repair shop and truck wash on McKinley Avenue may be a step in the right direction in terms of bringing the existing property up to development standards, neighboring residents are worried about the impacts to their homes. 

On Monday, Frank and Christine Mendes – who live not far from the site of the proposed development – submitted a letter for the record in advance of the Lathrop Planning Commission meeting tonight at Lathrop City Hall at 6 p.m. in an attempt to let their feelings be known. 

The letter was also distributed to individual members of the commission as well as Lathrop staffers and local developers.  

“With the approval of Item 8.1, our property value is continuing to be destroyed by the City of Lathrop and the developers,” Mendes wrote in her letter that she requested be added to the commission’s materials. “We have no option but to try and protect our property and the property of all parties in the proximity of this project from trespassers, potential crime, pollution, noise and traffic hazards.”

The project in question, which would transform a 4.7-acre site on McKinley Avenue that has been out of regulatory compliance for more than year and was even issued a Cease and Desist letter earlier this year, would include a 12,000 square foot truck repair building as well as a 2,800 square foot truck wash building and off-street parking for up to 73 tractor-trailers that will be made available over the course of three phases. 

Even though the proposal seemed routine – the property owner began the process to earning city approval back in April and has worked through the planning process – the Mendes’ used their letter to question whether residents were taken into consideration before the recommendation for approval was made by city staff. 

Because the project qualifies as “in-fill development” is exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act and its current land use designation is consistent with the existing General Plan.   

“As single-family residents that have been advocating for our personal Environmental Justice since 2012, we feel that the Lathrop Planning Department, the Lathrop City Council, and the Lathrop City Planning Commissioners need to look closely at what the potential hazards are,” Mendes wrote. “Most residents do not appear to be legally and properly notified of development that could have an adverse affect (sic) on their home values and more importantly on their personal health and safety.”

The Lathrop Planning Commission typically meets on the third Wednesday of the month at Lathrop City Hall – located at 390 Towne Centre Drive – inside of the Lathrop City Council Chambers at 6 p.m. The meeting tonight will be a special meeting after the cancellation a regularly scheduled meeting last week. For more information, visit the City of Lathrop’s website at 

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