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Neil Hafley School drive thru promotes 8th graders
hafley cars
Family vehicles were parked across the street at Northgate Park prior to the first-ever drive-thru promotion exercises for eighth graders at Neil Hafley Elementary School on Tuesday

“The Year We Will Never Forget.”

That was the theme for Tuesday morning’s special drive-thru event promoting the Class of 2020 at Neil Hafley Elementary School.

“We worked out the details beforehand,” said Principal Lori Guzman-Alvarez, who received some guidance on the matter from Manteca Unified’s Senior Director of Elementary Education Jenni Tyson.

The family vehicles – many were decorated honoring their eighth-grade student – were parked across the street from campus at Northgate Park, with each assigned a numbered stall to help the traffic flow.

“We had them organized in (alphabetical) order,” Guzman-Alvarez said.

Students picked up their promotional papers while being welcomed by their teachers and school staff along the parking-lot parade route.

Those receiving special honors included Kenneth Ard and Makayla Davis for Citizenship; Dayanara Fausto Martinez, Michael Gaylor and Orian Germann for Iron Hawk; Jason DeGroot, Julian Gonzales, Rimi Rumthao, and Kaylee Velazquez Munoz for Academic Awards / Honor Roll Gold Cord (4.0 GPA for all three semesters); and Jatziry Garcia Aguilar, Ashley Lopez, Mackenzie Nervis, Chloe Silva, Jeice Manges, David Robertson, Tanveer Singh and Gaylor for Honor Roll Gold Cords (3.5 GPA for all three semesters).

Guzman-Alvarez noted that the virtual ceremony featuring the student speakers was made available later that day.

The Neil Hafley Class of 2020 consisted of: Janelle Afable, Fernando Alaniz, Ivan Alvarez, Kenneth Ard, Carlos Arrendondo, Scarlett Arrollo, Gabriel Arteaga, Cecelia Avalos, Puneet Bains, Arlene Ballesteros, Alexa Barajas, Christian Belion, Isabella Benavidez, Gabrielle Bristow, Anthony Brown, Jaliyah Bryant, Natalie Bucio, Liziel Anne Calunod, Raymond Carson, Michael Castle, Keahi Cayode, Saul Ceja, Hannah Conijn, Reyna Contreras, Juan Contreras, Veronica Cornejo, Leland Crabb, Georgina Cruz Garcia, Ruben Davila, Makayla Davis, Jason DeGroot.

Brandon Diaz, Nicolas Diaz, Nevaeh Estrada, Dayanara Fausto Martinez, Alexis Garcia, Anthony Garcia, Jatziry Garcia Aguilar, Michael Gaylor, Orian Germann, Arianna Gibbs, Julian Gonzales, Sete Gutierrez, Jacob Handy, Ariel Hernandez, Humberto Hinojosa Soto, Daniel Huerta, Haley Ibarra, Lilly Ibarra, Jaislyn Jeffries, Noah Leal, Denise Lemus Cortez, Stephanie Llamas-Torres, Leylonni Longoria, Ashley Lopez, Leonardo Lopez Villalpando, Bryan Lopez Gallegos, Anysa Lozano, Jeice Manges, Leonel Jesus Manzo Chavez.

Amanda Martinez, Emilio Masi, Sarah Millan, Ramon Modesto Duran, Isaiah Moniz, Mackenzie Nervis, Amy Ortiz, Juan Padilla, Vanessa Padilla, Stefany Perez, Destiny Rainey, Araceli Ramirez Duenas, Alejandra Ramos Pasco, Jocelyn Rivas, David Robertson, Jazmine Ross, Rimi Rumthao, Conner Rutherford, Isaac Sanchez, Adrian Serrano, Chloe Silva, Alan Silva Cisneros, Aiden Sinclair, Tanveer Singh, Lena Torrey, Kaylee Velasquez Munoz, Jose Villagomez, Jaelyn White, Christopher Wigney, Jose Zarate.