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New convenience store & gas pumps seeks OK to open
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The Ripon City Council will meet today for a special meeting on the Mobile 1 Fuel Station near Highway 99.

Needed at the 4 p.m. open session at the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave., is the approval of the First Amendment to the Project Improvement Agreement between the City of Ripon and the owners of the property at 334 E. Main St. for construction of a retaining wall.

Listed are Davinder K. Jutla and CJ Jutla. They received a use permit by the Planning Commission back in April 2017 for construction of a 24 hour convenience market with six fueling stations near the Starbucks that was built on the site of the former Barnwood Restaurant.

“As one of the conditions, a Project Improvement Agreement was entered into between the owners and the City,” said Engineering Supervisor James Pease in his report.

He noted that city staff and Mobile 1 gas station owners have been working to finalize the project to allow for occupancy.

Occupancy was granted this past Monday but with the following conditions as the project nears completion including payment for the work from the owner to PG&E.

However, there have been delays scheduling the work with PG&E such as a pole relocation from the north/west corner of the lot to across the street (a $4,000 deposit was provided to the City by Chada Construction, Inc. and will be released once work is completed) and the installation of street lights between the new gas station and the Starbucks drive entrances (a $6,000 deposit as provided to the City by Chada Construction and will also be released once this item is completed).

In addition, Caltrans earlier this week brought to the attention to staff a concern regarding grade elevations between the westerly edge of the private property and the State’s right of way — a retaining wall, in this case, would need to be installed along the westerly property edge to prevent any soil erosion onto the State’s right of way.

In an effort to all for occupancy and still resolve the concerns raised by Caltrans, staff is recommending an amendment to the Project Improvement Agreement.

Within that agreement, Pease said, is the security funds previously provided by the original PIA, which, in turn, would be used in securing the work related to the retaining wall.

If approved, the City could then provide occupancy to the owners of Mobile 1 to begin operating the site.

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