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No current or retired Manteca police officer backs Larson for mayor
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The men and women who serve and protect Manteca as frontline city  police officers want to make it clear — none of them nor or any of their retired colleagues members of the Retired Police Officers’ Association of Manteca.

As such, no working or retired Manteca Police officers supports that organization’s candidate for mayor in the Nov. 8 election — Lei Ann Larson.

The Manteca Peace Officers Association issued a press release to counter misconceptions circulating the organization is backing someone besides Councilman Gary Singh for the mayor of Manteca.

The MPOA statement reads, “first of all, this newly-formed group, which has no current or former Manteca Police Officers as members, appears to have been created solely to aid a candidate who has never been involved in the local political process and who has not sought and does not have the support of the sworn officers who keep our city safe.  Only two mayoral candidates requested our endorsement and after careful thought we made our decision.  The Manteca Police Officers’ Association, the frontline officers who patrol our community, support Gary Singh for Mayor. “

The other candidate that sought the MPOA’s endorsement was incumbent Mayor Ben Cantu.

Both of the unions representing Manteca’s frontline public safety personnel — the other is the Manteca Firefighters Local 1874  — have endorsed Singh.

“”Councilman Singh and the MPOA have a good working relationship,” according to the statement MPOA President Ian Osborn made earlier this month in announcing the endorsement. “Public safety and the general well-being of the citizens are our top priority.  We look forward to working with Gary in the upcoming years.”  

In a statement on behalf of the firefighters local, organization President Brad Schemper noted “Gary has shown his dedication to Manteca through his volunteer work as well as his commitment and service on the council. Manteca Firefighters support Gary Singh for mayor to lead us into the future.”


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