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Teicheira earns top Modesto comic honor
comedy award

It wouldn’t have been cool if Chris Teicheira asked everyone he knew to vote for him in the balloting for the Best Comedian trophy at the Modesto Area Music Awards.

So, he just let those close to him do it for him.

Teicheira, who won his second trophy Wednesday night, was all laughs as he recounted how some of his family members at Manteca High School encouraged students to vote for Teicheira.

“It’s nice to have friends in places where they can do things like that,” Teicheira said. “This is a Buffalo award for sure.

“And I had Taylor Evans, another Deaf Puppy, go up and get the award for me so that was kind of like a ‘Make-A-Wish’ for a comic which was pretty cool.”

Of the 10 people that were nominated for the 2019 award, six of them were members of the comedy coalition that Teicheira hopes will one day soon be emblazed on the side of a building in Manteca and serve as a waystation for accomplished, touring comics passing through from Los Angeles up through Northern California – the Deaf Puppies.

While Teicheira was holding out for a space in the Promenade Shops at Orchard Valley near Bass Pro Shops – hoping to capitalize on the ease of access from the Highway 120 Bypass that he hoped would make the location a regional draw – he is now considering options in Downtown Manteca where he hopes a nightspot like the one he has planned can breathe new life into a community in which he loves dearly.

And if fellow Deaf Puppy Anthony K were to bring his MAMA trophy for best comedian down to the club when it officially opens, Teicheira would be able to put three of them on display.

“The ball is rolling on that thing and I believe it’s something that is going to happen,” Teicheira said of the club he has been working for more than a year to bring to fruition. “As far as having six of the 10 nominees being Deaf Puppies – talent congregates, and we have a bunch of great pieces.

“That’s something that we want to bring to people.”


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