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No parking signs were stolen along Airport Way

Within a week of Councilman Jose Nuño relaying citizen complaints about the large number of vehicles for sale parked along Airport Way next to the Stadium Retail Center between Daniels Street and the 120 Bypass, Manteca Public Works crews have put in place no parking signs.

Nuño brought the concerns up at last Tuesday’s council meeting. Staff noted they have also been fielding complaints about the parking.

Manteca Police Chief Jodie Estarziau indicated that when staff checked into it they were sure it had been posted as no parking when the retail complex was built 11 years ago. A quick check on Google Maps provided photographic evidence that there indeed had been no parking signs in place.

“Apparently someone illegally removed them,” Estarziau said.

Manteca Police community service officers have started to enforce the no parking rule at that location.

Estarziau said when CSO staff — non-sworn officers that are engaged in a wide array of services from assisting with crime scene investigations, taking reports, and other activities in support of sworn personnel — are not tied up with other duties they are issuing parking tickets.

It goes without saying the department — if they had more CSOs — could obviously issue more citations for illegal parking. The no parking applies to all vehicles including semi-trucks. 

The location where the cars had been parked for sale is also popular for trucks to park as well as double park.

The stretch of Airport Way between the 120 Bypass and a point south of Wawona Street is now all posted no parking.

As an added note several people in postings and emails have also asked why the city allows a proliferation of signs to be posted on city-owned property on the northwest corner of Daniels Street and Airport Way. They point out the signs — which are attached to fencing — are unsightly and a distraction.

It should be noted Manteca doesn’t allow the placement of signs on city property.

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