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In person council meetings return via social distancing
mask op

If you want to give your two cents to the Manteca City Council when they meet Thursday you’ll need to wear a face mask.

The City Council is meeting in the same room and with the public present for the first time since social distancing went into effect in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tuesday’s meeting was adjourned to Thursday at 7 p.m. so council members could attend the Black Live Matter rally at Sequoia Park.

Due to social distancing requirements, chairs are being removed from the council chambers at 1001 W. Center St. That means only 28 people — council members, staff, and the general public — will be allowed inside the building.

Temperatures will be taken at the door. Those that do not wish to have their temperatures taken and/or to wear face masks will be allowed to watch the proceedings from a TV monitor being placed outside the chambers. A microphone will also be outside that attendees can use during citizen comments or if they are asked if they want to make remarks or wish to speak to a specific council agenda item.

 Council members will have Plexiglass placed between them where they are seated on the dais.

The council meeting will be carried live on Comcast 97 as well as the city’s website.

When the pandemic initially started, the council met for a meeting with limited staff inside the council chambers without the public present. The public was able to watch the meetings via livestream or Comcast or else drop by the transit center where a remote monitor and microphone were placed for the public.

The city then switched to Zoom meetings with council members and the city attorney calling in from their homes and department heads at the council chambers.


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