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PG&E work impacting three intersections on Stockton Ave. in Ripon
road work
South Stockton Avenue at East Fourth Street is currently undergoing work on gas lines. City of Ripon officials encourage motorists to avoid the area by taking alternative routes.

Work is taking place along three intersections in Ripon.

Included is Stockton Avenue, which will soon undergo more work in the coming weeks as part of a major rehabilitation project.

The City of Ripon announced that PG&E will be performing work on gas lines at South Stockton Avenue and East Fourth Street starting this week until possibly the next week or longer. That's to be determined.

Ditto that for West Main Street and Wilma Avenue along with East Fourth Street and South Industrial Avenue.

The hours of construction work are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at South Stockton / East Fourth and East Fourth / South Industrial; and 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. at West Main / Wilma.

According to the city website ( "There will be multiple lane closures and traffic is expected to be heavily impacted — residents are encouraged to use alternative routes."

This could be just a prelude on what's to come along one of those streets.

Construction of the $4.1 million Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project is scheduled to begin in the first week of April.

Engineering Supervisor Elizabeth Quilici made that announcement at the March Ripon City Council meeting.

Mayor Daniel de Graaf confirmed the proposed one-year timeline.

The City has been coordinating with businesses and residents on the work ahead, according to Quilici.

"The City asked residents that do not have a direct need to be on Stockton Avenue to use an alternate route and because it is a major truck route. There will be a possibility of detours and one-lane flaggers, but no permanent closures during construction," she said