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Rage Volleyball will run Ripon indoor sports park
The new home of the Rage Volleyball Club will be the currently-under-construction Mistlin Indoor Sports Park.

The Rage Volleyball Club will handle the operations of the new Mistlin Indoor Sports Park.

At the Aug. 13 monthly session, the Ripon City Council, after receiving several bids, approved to enter into a lease and operation agreement for the 27,000-square-foot facility with the elite Northern California program.

The Rage Volleyball Club will pay $8,700 per month (increased 3 percent each year) for 10 years with the option calling for an extension.

 Improvements per agreement will consist of the installation of volleyball flooring, netting stands, a concession stand, sand volleyball courts, and an office.

 “The tournaments planned by the Rage Volleyball Club will require additional parking beyond what is currently available next to the water fountain (on River Road),” said Ripon City Administrator Kevin Werner in his staff reports. 

The City of Ripon, under the agreement, would complete the work for 208 parking spots, utilizing pavers made possible by the Parks & Rec. General Capital Fund — reimbursements over time could come from the rent money generated from the lease revenues.

 “The agreement has a section that says (Rage Volleyball Club, in this case) can post signs,” said Mayor Leo Zuber, who expressed his concerns over advertising cluttering the new Mistlin Indoor Sports Park. “How much control does the City have in regards to this?”

 Werner responded, pointing out  that the Rage Volleyball Club would be required to obtain written approval before any signs can be placed inside or outside the facility.

 “This would need to be consistent with the requirements of the Ripon Municipal Code,” Werner said.