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Ray of Hope seeking bottled water for kids
bottled water

Ray of Hope is looking for donations of bottled water to help beat the heat.

“It’s the heat in which we see the most danger for children,” said CEO Laura Vieira-Saunders, referring to her non-profit organization’s Operation Hydration drive.

All donated bottled water and sunscreen will go to the Ray of Hope Children’s Crisis and Resource Services.

Vieira-Saunders is concerned about the other dangers that youngsters face without water – namely, dehydration, urinary tract infections, and kidney issues, to name a few.

“The heat poses so many problems in regards to easy agitation, tempers and more,” she said.

Vieira-Saunders added: “Water is a huge part of alleviating many problems both physically and mentally for children in struggling homes and circumstances beyond their control – we go through (water) at record speeds and this heat is going to be a real challenge.”

Sunscreen is also needed to protect children from sunburns and UVA rays.

All donations can be dropped off at the bottom of stairs at the Ray of Hope office building located at 113 W. Yosemite Ave., Manteca.

For more information, call 209.597.0574.