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Ray of Hope starts food drive for kids
Ray of hope food.jpg

Ray of Hope is kicking off its Spring into Action Food Drive this month.

It’s all for The Kids Cupboard, a food pantry designed to meet the basic needs of children who are homeless or living in insecure situations while lacking the proper nutrition, according to Laura Saunders.

She’s the executive director of Ray of Hope.

The food pantry can be found at the local non-profit’s downtown Children’s Crisis Center at the corner of Main Street and West Yosemite Avenue, upstairs from the Manteca Bedquarters.

From the month of March through spring, Ray of Hope will be seeking the following donated items from community members and local businesses:

Breakfast — Oatmeal, breakfast bars, eggs, powdered milk, protein drinks, cold cereals, butter and syrup.

Lunch — Peanut butter, jelly, cheese, macaroni & cheese, lunch meats, canned pasta, tuna, mayonnaise / mustard, soup, and crackers.

Dinner — Meats, beans, pasta, spaghetti / Alfredo sauce, tortillas, butter, seasoning packets, oil, instant potatoes, fresh produce, and juices / beverages.

Snacks — Yogurt, pretzels, Jell-O, fruit snacks, and apple sauce.

Items can be delivered to the offices of Ray of Hope at 113 W. Yosemite Ave. 

For more information, call 209.883.6411 or 209.597.0574.