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Ripon commission move designed to eliminate red tape
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Ripon Mayor Leo Zuber wants to clarify an amendment that calls for “eliminating” the Community & Youth Commission and the Historical Museum Commission.

“The (City of Ripon) is not eliminating these commissions. Rather, we’re just getting out of the way so that people and groups can continue to do what they’ve been doing for years only without the bureaucratical red tape – the newspaper said we were eliminating these commissions,” he noted at the Aug. 13 Ripon City Council meeting.

This came during the second reading and adoption of the “Commission” ordinance amendment that was introduced at the July meeting.

Over the years, the City Council established a number of commissions in an effort to provide input on important community topics.

But as time went on, other organizations were established, in turn, duplicating many of the functions of these commissions while causing some confusion.

City Commissioners also serve on the other entities’ board.

One such example took place prior to 2015. That’s when the Senior Center Commission and the Friends of the Senior Center were both holding meetings discussing the senior center.

In order to eliminate the confusion and overlap of responsibilities, Council, in 2015, did away with the Senior Center Commission since the Friends of the Senior Center were already providing input to elected leaders regarding senior center matters.

The feedback received was positive.

Zuber has recently reached out to both the Historical Museum Commission and the Community and Youth Commission to determine if eliminating these Commissions would have the same type of benefits.

In speaking with members from both Commissions, according to July 9 staff report, it was discovered that the Community & Youth Commission often lacked a quorum for these meetings due to a decline in volunteers.

As for the Historical Museum Commission, many of the responsibilities here overlapped with that of the Ripon Historical Society.

Zuber requested the changes to the Ripon Municipal Code based on the recent feedback.