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Ripon continues to fix sidewalk tripping issues

Since 2019, the City of Ripon have focused efforts on sidewalk trip hazards around town.

Vaughan Construction was brought on to provide maintenance services on doing repairs and, if necessary, replacing those hazards on sidewalks.

No discussion was necessary at the March 8 Ripon City Council meeting on the approved payments of two recently completed jobs.

The smaller of the two was for $1,445 while the other was $9,633. The City was the responsible party in both cases.

Payments for the two completed sites was paid via the Street & Road Fund, according to Senior Civil Engineer Sarah Collins in her report.

She also revealed a summary of Sidewalk Trip Hazards from July 1, 2019 to the most recent one in February.

Of that, Vaughan Construction completed 13 jobs during that first year – the City was the responsible party in seven of the sidewalk hazards – and 22 in 2020. The homeowner and / or the utility company was the responsible party in 16 of those cases regarding the latter.

In 2021, the City was the responsible party in four of those nine sidewalk trip hazards.

Currently, Collins reported that there are three pending completion work. The homeowner or the utility company was noted as the responsible party on each of the three.