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Ripon cutting back watering to just 1 day
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Halloween is the last day for the City of Ripon’s three-day-per-week watering schedule.

From November to the end of February, all properties within the city limits will be down to a weekend schedule.

Those residing in homes with an even address will be allowed to do water landscaping on Saturdays while folks with odd number-ending addresses can do their outdoor watering on Sundays as part of the ongoing conservation efforts.
As for water reduction efforts, Director of Public Works Ted Johnston reported at a recent Ripon City Council meeting that recorded usage for September was down 15.3 percent, using pre-drought levels from 2013 at this time as the baseline comparison.

Those figures were similar to that from last month.

Ditto that 12-month running average, which was 25.339 percent for September (August’s numbers were 25.4 percent).

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