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Ripon High grad now authoring third book
Angela Cardoza Allen,

 Angela Cardoza Allen, a Ripon High grad, has authored two books and is working on a third.
So far she has written “Alexandria” and “Ginger” under the pen name of Angera Allen. Both are available on Amazon. The site referred to Allen’s style as a “breath of fresh air” combining love and mystery themes.
Her mother Beverly Cardoza said she is now working on a third book to be entitled, “Issy.”
Allen is headed for Los Angeles this weekend for a book signing. She travels to Seattle in July and to Orlando in October for other book signings.  She now lives in Bay Point in the Bay Area and works as an attorney’s office manager in Walnut Creek.
Coming up is the third annual “Book Splash Cruise” to the Bahamas with other writers on board and then to Alaska on yet another cruise.  Allen was married to a DJ for a number of years where she drew much of her novel ideas from her own life, according to her mom.
As vice president of her senior class at Ripon High, it was Allen’s duty to organize class reunions.  During her high school years Allen took the stats for wrestling matches and football games as well as running in RHS track meets.
Allen’s biography sees her as “crazy, outgoing, adventurous, full of energy and talking faster than an auctioneer with a heart as big as the ocean.”  She is the mom of “a sassy and smart little girl, an English bulldog, two Siamese cats and a fish named Red.”  She spends her days running a successful law firm but in her spare time she enjoys writing, reading, dancing, playing softball and spending time with family and making friends wherever she goes.
She started writing after the birth of her daughter in 2012 and hasn’t been able to “turn the voices off yet” with the “Spin It” series as she calls her books.
An early review by a reader states, “Alexandria is the debut book of author Angera Allen.  This a rock star read and I’m a sucker for rock star books.  For Angera’s first book, this was very well written,” he noted
“Alexandria” is the first of her two books with one review stating, “The pain that Alexandria has to face from the beginning of this story seems to strengthen her throughout the book but at the same time she is hurting and has a lot to deal with in the story.”
Another shows his reaction to hot DJs in her story.  “If you like alpha males, instant reaction with a twist then this book is for you. Alexandria is returning to New York five years after being drugged and attacked grown up.”
One more reader said, “I was thoroughly impressed that this was a new author and I couldn’t put the book down.  It had all the elements:  love, music and suspense.  This was a must read and I can’t wait for book number two, Ginger!”
“Ginger was so well written,” another reader noted, “that you feel like you are right there with the characters, .  Their emotions are your emotions, their struggles feel like your own and you are swept away by the story line — if I could give it more than five stars, I would.”

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