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Ripon leaves granny flat ordinance intact
A granny flat built in Southern California. - photo by Photo Contributed

There will be no changes to the dimension regulations of the recently-approved Accessory Dwelling Unit ordinance.

The Ripon Planning Commission took no action Monday, in turn, leaving the ordinance as-is despite a complaint about detached accessory units otherwise known as granny flats or mother-in-law quarters.

Planning Director Ken Zuidervaart said that two specific issues were raised during the public hearing process.

This was revealed to be the massing of structures and the impact or look on neighboring properties on detached ADUs.

He pointed out that detached accessory structures can be built on any residential lot within the parameters of the ordinance.

The height limitation on an ADU is no more than 12 feet although the Planning Commission touched briefly on the options of a sloped or shed roof.

Some of the complaints can be attributed to NIMBY-ism (not in my back yard) along with elevation differences between lots, which can make buildings or structures appear taller to a neighboring property, according to Zuidervaart.

He added that recent changes in the ordinance do allow for residents to build their fences to 7 feet with a lattices or screening material pushing up that height to 9 feet.

“From a staff perspective, I think we don’t worry about it and, in my opinion, leave the ordinance as-is – maybe it doesn’t impact the neighbor,” Zuidervaart said.

Commissioners agreed, believing that the less government intrusion, the better – their hope is that folks will be able to work together in goodwill in handling their differences.