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Ripon may spend $50K to devise plan to deal with cut-thru traffic
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Ripon City Council members, for some time, have talked about their concerns regarding cut-through traffic during commute hours, blaming that for the cause of congestion along the downtown streets.

At tonight’s 6 o’clock meeting in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave., they’ll look to approve and authorize the first amendment to the General Services Agreement with Fehr & Peers.

The transportation consultants, if approved (cost is not to exceed $50,000) would look to implement the recommended measures to mitigate downtown traffic problem.

Ripon streets, according to Engineering Supervisor James Pease, have experienced a significant increase in the number of vehicles cutting through town in order to avoid the congestion that happens during the evening commute on the Highway 99 and Highway 120 interchange.

“This large increase in commute traffic is beyond what Ripon city streets were designed for and is resulting in significant delays to Ripon residents along with an increase in moving violations,” he said in his report, using speeding or not stopping at stop signs as examples.

Council recently approved the adjustment to the timing of the traffic signal at Jack Tone Road and West Ripon Road last July 2018 with the intent of relieving some of that congestion. 

“The timing of the light was changed to extend the time the light is red for traffic traveling east on West Ripon Road along with extending the time the light is green for vehicles turning north onto Jack Tone Road (to encourage drivers to enter Highway 99 at the Jack Tone interchange, rather than driving through Ripon),” Pease added.

He indicated that these changes are only set for weekdays, between 3:45 p.m. and 6:30.

In other agenda items:

Elected leaders will look to accept the Transportation Development Act Fund, the Measure K Fund, and the Transit Enterprise Audit Report as prepared by Brown Armstrong CPA for the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2018.

They’ll give Mayor Leo Zuber the green light to sign the agreement with Howell Consulting, Inc. (not to exceed $32,000) on updating and revising the City of Ripon’s Emergency Operation Plan to include flood response planning.

Council members will look at several ordinances, including finalizing the one in “Skateboard Facilities,” which allows for scooters, and introductions and first readings on the “Sidewalk Repair, Maintenance or Replacement” amendment along with the “Dimension Regulations” and the “Restrictions on Recreational Vehicle Parking in Residential Areas” amendments.

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