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Ripon OKs spending $40K on asphalt repairs at 59 street locations
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There are currently 59 road locations in the City of Ripon in need of various asphalt repairs.

For that, the Ripon City Council paved the way Tuesday for Tom Mayo Construction, Inc. to handle the job consisting of water leaks, roadway potholes and sewer repairs.

Cost is not to exceed $40,000 to be paid via Water & Sewer Capital Funds and the Street & Road Operating Fund.

Vice Mayor Leo Zuber asked staff for clarification as to whether or not the work – as specified under the contract with Mayo Construction – will be completed within those 40 days.

Director of Public Works James Pease believes so.

“There are a number of jobs to be done within the contract and most of them are three to four days in length. (Mayo Construction) is hoping to squeeze these jobs into short breaks of good weather,” he said.

In his staff report, Pease pointed out that those 59 locations – of that, 49 are for water leak repairs, eight are for potholes, and two for sewer repairs – will require localized asphalt repair.

He explained that some of the existing utilities located beneath the city streets required excavation to make necessary the repairs.

This was work conducted by his public works staff.

“The excavation was backfilled and a temporary cold mix asphalt was placed until such time a permanent repairs (could be) made to the asphalt by obtaining a contractor to remove the cold patch and place hot mix asphalt,” said Pease in his report.

Staff tracked those areas throughout the city in need of permanent repairs.

Mayo Construction will not only fix the water leaks, but take care of the handful of patches related to sewer and other miscellaneous roadway potholes.