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Ripon plans to slap fines on recycling site illegal dumping
Ripon Recycle
Bulletin file photo Ripon Councilman Leo Zuber inspects the recycling compactor

Those caught for illegal dumping in the City of Ripon could soon be paying fines.

The City Council approved an amendment in this section of the municipal code on Tuesday, in turn, strengthening the City's ability to enforce illegal dumping prohibitions at the Ripon Recycling Center.

According to City Administrator Kevin Werner, the change will keep those in violation “out of the court system,” he said.

Councilman Leo Zuber agreed.

“It makes sense to do it administratively,” he added.

As for fines, Werner noted that part will be posted at a later date,

The City has been concerned about illegal dumping, from environmental and public health and safety perspective, to the added burden of remediation placed on public and private property owners.

"The city has provided the Ripon Recycling Center as an acceptable location at which residents can deposit recyclable material. However, the city has struggled to limit illegal dumping activities after-hours dumping and the deposit of non-recyclable materials at the Recycling Center," Werner said in his Council report.

This was a first reading and introduction to the proposed ordinance amendment.