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Ripon Police add new drone to annual military equipment report list
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 Earlier this year, the Ripon Police Department purchased the Parrot ANAFI USA Drone.

Funding for this Unmanned Aerial System was made possible via donations, making it two operational drones for the program – one of the originals (DJI Inspire Drone) bought in 2017 was in need of replacement.

In accordance with Assembly Bill 481 – approved by Gov. Newsom back in September 2021, requiring law enforcement agencies to create a military equipment use policy prior to engaging in certain activities – the Ripon Police Department provided the request at Tuesday’s Ripon City Council to accept the addition of the new drone (referred to as Article #12) to the military equipment list and remove the two DJI Inspire Drones that are no longer operational due to end of life technology and damaged beyond repair.

Elected leaders accepted the request that will now be part of the City of Ripon’s Annual Military Equipment Report for the year end on June 30, 2024.

“It should be noted, a drone which was purchased in 2019 is still operational,” said Chief of Police Daniel Sauer in his report.

The City’s Military Equipment Policy was initially approved about two years ago. This “Annual Report,” upon approval of a military equipment policy, give the Chief of Police or the authorized designee the authority to submit a military equipment report to the governing body of each type of military equipment approved within one year of approval.

Ripon police requested adding the Parrot ANAFI USA Drone as a revision to the 2023-2024 military equipment list.

Last December, the Ripon Rotary Foundation donated funds for the purchase of the new drone for the Unmanned Aircraft System Program.

Drones have been helped local law enforcement in patrol operations, from reconstructing a crime scene and traffic collision documentation, to searching out missing persons, especially along the Stanislaus River.