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Ripon school enrollment reaches 3,155 overall with Ripon High at 968
ripon schools
The Ripon Unified District Office

Enrollment at the Ripon Unified School District for the six month reporting period was 3,155 students.

That tallied consisted of those attending Ripon High along with the Independent Study program and the alternative education program, Harvest High, coupled with the five kindergarten- through- eighth- grade school sites.

The reporting period occurred from Jan. 1 through Feb. 4.

RUSD opened up the 2021-22 school year with 3,137 students, with the year-to-date figures being at 3,075.

The latter reflected on the COVID-19 pandemic, where enrollment numbers were at a decrease at RHS and the elementary school sites and virtual learning / distance learning were options.

The sixth month count at RHS was at 968, which was 18 students fewer from the previous year.

At the K-8 sites, Colony Oak led the way with an enrollment of 460 students – 60 more compared to 2020-21 numbers and identical to that of 2019-20.

Ripona’s 448 was 144 more students from the 2020-21 school year at this point.

Weston (384) had 42 fewer students compared to a year ago, with Park View (430) and Ripon Elementary (409) also displaying a bump up recently in enrollment.

Independent Study and Harvest High, in addition, had increased numbers consisting of 34 and 22 students, respectively.