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Ripon switching to watering only once a week on Nov. 1
City staff regularly patrol all neighborhoods in Turlock to enforce the watering schedule as well as other water wasting violations. - photo by Photo Contributed

The severe drought continues to be a statewide concern.

Cities such as Ripon have been diligent in conserving usage in recent years thanks to water conservation ordinances. Couple that with Gov. Gavin Newsom recently asking Californians to their part by reducing their water usage by 15 percent each month, using figures from a year ago.

The City of Ripon will soon kick in to the mandatory once a week watering schedule.

Residents have until the end of this month to do water landscaping thrice weekly,

Starting in November – through February – they’ll be limited to weekend watering.

Those living in properties within city limits with even numbered-ending addresses will be allowed only to water on Saturdays.

Folks with odd numbered addresses inside city limits can do likewise but on Sundays only.

No watering is allowed between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Residents who do not follow the prescribed watering conservation measures could face stiff fines after receiving an initial written warning.

Community members, in addition, can do their part by reporting water wasters by e-mailing or calling 209.253.5325.

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