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Ripon tackles cut thru traffic mess
GPS car

Cut-through traffic congestion continues to be a problem in Ripon.

That problem could be remedied by the Redflex Traffic Enforcement System under the recommendation of the Ripon Police Department.

At Tuesday’s meeting, the Ripon City Council, in particular, will look at the system’s Red Light Enforcement for eastbound traffic as a possible long-term solution at the intersection of West Main Street and Jack Tone Road.

That’s the same intersection that police noticed a significant number of red-light runners – upwards of 20 per hour – about a month ago.

The Redflex Traffic System is the supplier of digital traffic enforcement systems and solutions, including red light cameras.

A number of factors in recent years have contributed traffic congestion along Highway 99 and the Highway 120 Bypass, from increased numbers of commuters who work in the Bay Area and the rise of navigation apps that direct regional commuters through town during peak traffic hours, according to the staff report.

The item will be discussed at the 6 p.m. open session in the Council Chambers, 259 N. Wilma Ave.

In other agenda items:

  • Elected leaders will have their annual reorganization with Jake Parks being next in line to serve as mayor and Daniel de Graaf as vice mayor under this rotating system. They’ll have the option to accept or decline. Leo Zuber is scheduled to drop down from mayor of the past year to Seat No. 5 while Michael Restuccia and Dean Uecker both advancing to Seat 4 and Seat 3, respectively.
  • As mayor, Parks could discuss the Council Committee and Task Force appointments.
  • They’ll recognize the recently retired Director of Public Works Ted Johnston with a proclamation for his 42 years of service to the City of Ripon.
  • Council members will discuss the water, sewer, and garbage annual rate adjustment, taking the recommendation of staff to reduce rates in February from an increased 11 percent to 2 percent, reducing sewer rates from 10 percent to 2 percent, and moving forward with the 5 percent garbage rate increase as originally approved.
  • Staff will provide an update on the Stockton Avenue Rehabilitation Project.

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