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Ripon ponders 4-way stop at West Milgeo & North Acacia avenues

The intersection of West Milgeo Avenue and North Acacia Avenue may be in need of a four-way stop.

That's the area in Ripon just east on Highway 99 identified by Police Chief Ed Ormonde at this month’s City Council meeting.

Recent road work on the northbound freeway ramp on to Main Street also didn't help — traffic was being diverted to the Frontage Road, which connected on to North Acacia Avenue to the otherwise hazardous intersection.

Ormonde noted that police and the City's Engineering Department have been working together, conducting a Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices study.

MUTCD defines the standards used by road managers to determine traffic control devices on all public roads.

Ormonde is hoping that stop signs will help reduce collisions in this intersections.

"This would be more for safety and not for speed control," he said.


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