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Ripon Unified enrollment at 3,241; above last year
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Enrollment at the Ripon Unified School District continued to be steady based on recent figures.

For the seventh month – the reporting period occurred between Feb. 11 through March 8 – the school sites tallied 3,241 students.

Ripon High led the way with 934. Those enrollment figures were identical to that of the previous month and 32 more as compared to a year ago at this time.

Among the kindergarten- through- eighth- grade school sites, Ripon Elementary School led the way with 472 students. Park View’s enrollment was a close second with 470.

Colony Oak had an enrollment of 459, which was 29 more from 2017-18 school year at this same time.

Ripona’s numbers were steady at 437.

Harvest High, Ripon Unified’s continuation school site, had 26 students while Independent Study reported 17 students.

The latest enrollment report was presented in the April 8 school board meeting. No discussion was necessary.