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Ripon Unified welcomes new faces
The Ripon Unified School District welcomed the new hires for the upcoming school year at Monday’s school board meeting.

The first day of school at Ripon Unified is Tuesday.

With it will include new faces such as a principal at Park View Elementary School and some 20 teachers throughout the district. 

They were introduced at Monday’s Ripon Unified school board meeting.

“This is a celebration of our new employees,” said Superintendent Ziggy Robeson, who had a small reception with cake, cookies and refreshments for the newcomers.

Jim Schuller is the top administrator at Park View. He’s joined by kindergarten teacher Maria Elena Sandoval, fifth-grade teacher Kristina Ortega, Learning Center teacher Tracy Kyle-Hitchens, music teacher Celia Rosenblum-Stime, and instructional aide Theresa Pacheco.

RUSD also welcomed the following:


Student Services – Deanna Duncan (psychologist), Colleen Weidman (speech pathologist), John O’Connor (speech pathologist), Angela Barnes (speech pathologist), Justin Mattiuzzo (occupational therapist), Katharine Anderson (educational services liaison), Nichelle Kaiser (psychologist intern), Ashleigh Thompson (mental health clinician intern).

Ripon High – Christopher Brown (science teacher), Danielle Hyatt (Ag teacher), Jennifer Lausier (English teacher), Erin Paris (math teacher), Brett Standart (night custodian).

Harvest High – Aiden Endsley (teacher).

Ripona Elementary School – Amy Thoe (transitional kindergarten teacher), Ashlee Crider (second grade teacher), Abigail Brager (fifth grade teacher), Nathan Baroni (seventh grade teacher), Sabrina Guizar (Learning Center teacher), Pamela Wilkins (Learning Center teacher).

Ripon Elementary School – Lisandra Aboytes (sixth grade teacher), Ann Siegel (Tier III teacher), Kayla Machado (resident teacher), Shane Conley (night custodian).

Colony Oak Elementary School – Mark Redding (Tier III teacher), Cindie Hobbs (instruction aide), Gina Quintoa (Tier III instructional aide).

Weston Elementary School – Julie Cockerham (school secretary), Kala Mangal (instructional aide).

Ripon Afterschool Program – Araceli Gonzalez (assistant), Emma Granum (assistant), Kaitlyn McCleary (assistant), Leona Serna (assistant).