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Rothlin finds first $100 Bulletin egg
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Amy Rothlin found the first $100 egg in the Manteca Bulletin’s Easter Egg Hunt.

She found it hidden at Paseo Circle Park.

The clues were as follows:

uThe mother of all roundabouts: The park covers an acre and was designed as a roundabout to discourage through traffic when Buena Vista Drive ultimately connects with Atherton Drive.

uIt’s a good view: Buena Vista is Spanish for good view.

uWhere are the cats? It’s a reference to Catmint Street that connects with the roundabout.

uWalter’s avenue is nearby: Paseo Circle Park is a block north of Woodward Avenue named after Manteca pioneer Walter Woodward.

The four clues to help you find the next $100 egg will appear in Saturday’s Manteca Bulletin.

The contest will continue through Easter weekend with the final weekly clues appearing on April 20.