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Safe & sane fireworks legal in Ripon though illegal fireworks can cost you

The City of Ripon is now allowing the use of fireworks through 11:59 p.m. on the Fourth of July.

But only the safe and sane varieties as illegal fireworks can get you a fine pushing $1,000.

"As we approach the Fourth of July celebration, please be aware of our local ordinance to be used from noon on June 28 through midnight of July 4," said the Ripon Police Department via Facebook. "Use of safe and sane fireworks outside of this ordinance of this time period is prohibited by city ordinance."

Firework devices not displaying "safe and sane" symbols are illegal. This includes bottle rockets, aerial shells, firecrackers, cherry bombs, and modified safe and sane fireworks.

Under state law jurisdiction that allow for the sale of safe and sane -- TNT and Phantom are the safe-and-sane ones sold at the local non-profit booths -- are allowed to be legal discharged on the days purchased.

Police will be out specifically looking for the use of illegal fireworks in the days leading to and on the night of the Fourth.

Ripon City Council passed an amendment to the ordinance in 2016, allowing for police to cite owners, occupants and other persons at or on the property where fireworks are being discharged illegally.

Neighbors can do their part by reporting the use of illegal fireworks in the area by calling the police's non-emergency line at 209.599.2108.

They can also use a smart device application or call 911 but only in an emergency or dangerous situation.